Album Available Now!
My new album “A Greene Street Manifesto” just became available today and I couldn’t be more excited! I was playing
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Why ‘A Greene Street Manifesto’
I have been extremely humbled by the outpouring of support and love y’all have shown in response to the new
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Andrew Wiscombe inks record deal with Sonic Valley Records
We are pleased to announce Andrew will be working with Sonic Valley Records to release his next album. It’s already
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Andrew Wiscombe Playing GuitarAmericana seems to be a catch-all phrase, a buzzword in the arts scene. There are those that sing the songs and there are those that have lived the tales. Rarely there are those who do both. Enter Andrew Wiscombe, a folk musician from rural America, raised in a blue collar family, educated in her schools, a soldier in her wars and a laborer for her farms, factories, prisons, rail yards and restaurants. He understands the hard working folks on the forgotten fringes.

A former Army Sniper turned Berklee trained award-winning songwriter, Andrew’s ability to clothe stories, words, and emotions in American roots music has received great praise from fans and critics alike. He has drawn many comparisons to some of the great contemporary songwriters/poets of our time. Whether singing through the eyes of a child, the hands of a hard-working family man (he is a dedicated father of three boys) or through the scope of his sniper rifle, Andrew has a story to share that will resonate with the most human parts of the listener.

“I met Andrew Wiscombe earlier this year while hosting the Songwriter Shootout. His songs have a depth and passion to them that is such a breath of fresh air in this scene.” – Anthony Q., Executive Director for the Chattanooga Songwriters Association / Chattanooga, TN

“As Wiscombe took to the stage with just his guitar in hand, he seemed like just a solo artist. That was before he strummed his first chord. Once Wiscombe began to play, it was as if he was not the only one up on stage. Wiscombe’s ability to fill the room with his playing was easy to hear from the first note…impressive”. – Matheson K., Writer, The Rustbelt Chronicles / Cleveland, OH

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