Spotify Privacy Notice:
You’re here to understand why it is that my Spotify app is asking for certain things.

First off – I’m not sharing your information with anyone else. I’m not using a 3rd party company to collect your information. The buck stops here in regards to that. I don’t ever plan to share your information with anyone else.

That being said, as an artist who’s music you apparently enjoy as you’re wanting to connect your Spotify account to my app, it’s a huge help to me to be able to reach out to you when I’m planning shows in your neck of the woods. Also, I’d love to be able to share new releases and other special events with you; that’s the primary extent of using any info collected–my desire to contact you with your email address.

Another thing that truly helps me as an artist is to have you put the desired song(s) on as many playlists as possible. This helps me gain exposure in Spotify for their curated playlists. Along with this, because you’re willing to playlist a song of mine, I’m asking you to follow me on Spotify as well, that will happen automatically.

Hopefully this doesn’t bother you. Be assured that I am not doing any of this for any outside motivation of selling your information. I take my privacy serious, and I take yours seriously too.

Thank you for your interest in my music and for adding me on your Spotify playlists.